Why you shouldn’t buy bamboo sheets from Costco

Bamboo sheets are some of the nicest sheets on the market. If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on some luxury sleeping equipment, then Costco is not the place you want to go. Bamboo bed sheets can be a really rewarding investment. It is one of the fastest growing trends in America, because more and more people are falling in love with bamboo!

Bamboo sheets are ridiculously soft

The number one selling point is the soft hand. Hard bamboo poles can be turned into some of the softest sheets in the world. Through a chemical process, you can get nature’s most renewable resource in a luxuriously soft fabric: bamboo rayon. But not only is it soft, but bamboo also breathes exceptionally well. Combined with moisture wicking properties, bamboo can keep you dry, and an average of three degrees cooler at night. Welcome to the world of people who sleep wonderfully.

Softest Sheets

Bamboo sheets can be made poorly

Like anything on the open market, even bamboo sheets can be made poorly. You can find some for 1/3 the price of most companies…beware. They end up being the equivalent to single-ply toilet paper. So if that is your thing, then go ahead. Finding moderately priced bamboo sheets that are well made is easy. Just go check out Fiber Element and you will be set up.

Costco, like some other stores, has elected to sell bamboo sheets in a blended form. Beware! Mixing bamboo and cotton has proven to damage the integrity of the sheet fabric; meaning that they don’t last very long. Look for 100% bamboo viscose sheets and you will be fine.

Bamboo sheets should be washed properly

Since we are on the subject of buying the correct sheets so you don’t sour yourself away from one of the most fantastic products in nature, I will mention some brief washing instructions. These are actually important to follow. Unlike traditional white, bamboo sheets should be washed on COLD water – always. Like colors is obvious, and treat them as delicates, aka no bleaches, fabric softeners, or harsh chemicals. Hot water will actually cause pilling and excessive wear on the sheets. If you tumble dry on low heat, and remove promptly, then no ironing is necessary. My wife and I have had our sheets for about two years now, and they are still to die for.

So go out and get yourself some 100% organic bamboo sheets. Just not from Costco. It very well may change your life.

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