What is a Good Thread Count?

When it comes to bedding, what is a good thread count for sheets?  Which thread count will give me a decent set of sheets, and which will lead to the softest sheets in the world?  The first thing to note is that a higher thread count usually means a softer hand (or the feel of the sheets).  However, this can be misleading when you compare different fabrics.

Fabric Comparison

Different textile fabrics will have a completely different numbering system.  For example, 600 thread count cotton sheets are decently soft.  They will run you about $100 dollars.  A high thread count for cotton is around 1000.  This can be priced at around $150 or more, but is a bit softer than say, 600 TC (thread count).  When you change fabrics, the numbers and their value will change as well.  For example, sheets made of bamboo will have much lower thread count, but will be a lot softer than cotton.  250 thread count bamboo sheets will be a lot softer than 1,000 thread count cotton sheets.  Bamboo sheets can come in different thread counts, but usually are sold in 250-350.  Some people have called bamboo the softest sheets in the world!

Good Thread Count

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo certainly makes for an extremely soft set of sheets.  If you are looking to get some of the highest quality of luxury sheets, but looking to not overspend, then bamboo is the way to go.  Because bamboo ventures into the luxury category, and is really only grown commercially in China, many companies try to charge a fortune ($300+).  Some companies have tried to find ways to exploit the name of bamboo and sell thin and easily worn bamboo sheets (some reviews on Amazon said the sheets they bought were so thin they were see through).  Fiber Element is the best place for bamboo sheets that are thick and luxurious, but are sold at a very competitive price.  They might even be the highest quality for the lowest price.  Their bamboo sheets are a good thread count, and because they are made of bamboo, they are softer than you could imagine.  You really have to just buy them and start enjoying.  The moment I got my set of bamboo sheets, I knew there was no going back to cotton.  Traveling to nice hotels has become a pain, because their cotton sheets just feel so scratchy on my skin.

Bamboo Sheets

Eco-Friendly Bamboo

One of the best added bonuses to purchasing bamboo is environmental impact it has.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, with some species being able to grow up to 3 feet in a single day!  Bamboo can process carbon dioxide so quickly and efficiently, that it produces 35% more oxygen than any trees.  Bamboo doesn’t need a lot of water to grow, and doesn’t need any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.  While cotton needs a lot of all three of those chemicals to grow, it also needs an extraordinary amount of water.  Many places in the United States have a lot of problems with water and there is a great focus on conserving water.  It takes over 20,000 liters of water to grow just 1 kilogram of cotton; this is the equivalent of one, single t-shirt.  With bamboo being so chemically free, and using such little water, it truly stands out as an amazing renewable resource.

Is Bamboo a Good Thread Count for You?

With all the good that bamboo can do, it really makes the decision to purchase bamboo an easy one.  There is no better cause you can support than choosing to support the environment.  And you don’t have to sacrifice any quality when you do – in fact you are gaining a luxury bonus by choosing bamboo.

So when analyzing a good thread count for a nice set of bamboo sheets, around 250 will do.  This way you won’t pay too much, and you will get all of the luscious benefits.  To make sure you get the highest quality sheets for the best price, get you sheets from Fiber Element.

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