Bamboo Sheets vs. Cotton Sheets

Just in case you’ve been wondering why bamboo sheets are so up and coming, here are few basic differences between them and their cotton counterparts:

Bamboo sheets

  • A low thread count in bamboo sheets will feel softer than most cotton sheets, even if the cotton sheets have a high thread count.  For example, a 300 thread count bamboo sheet set will be equivalent to a 1,000+ thread count cotton sheet set.
  • Bamboo sheets absorb moisture more readily, as opposed to cotton sheets, which simply spread moisture around.
  • Bamboo sheets are made of rayon, a cellulose fabric produced from bamboo fibers.  Rayon has also been called man-made silk – which is why bamboo bed sheets are some of the softest on the market today.
  • Unfortunately, both bamboo sheets and cotton sheets go through similar manufacturing processes in which harsh chemicals are used on the original fibers.  Both processes use such chemicals as caustic soda and lye in order to achieve an appropriate softness – but of course the bamboo sheets ultimately become softer than cotton.

Bamboo sheets are better than cotton ones

  • Bamboo bed sheets are made from an extremely environmentally friendly and renewable resource:  bamboo.  Bamboo doesn’t need any pesticides or insecticides to grow, and bamboo also produces a lot more oxygen than most plants.  When bamboo is harvested, its root system stays intact, so that soil erosion is completely avoided.  Cotton, however, is a different story.  More than 25% of pesticides in the world are used on cotton, a crop grown on only 3% of farmland.  It also needs significantly more water than bamboo to grow.  Cotton also needs a lot of fertilizer, which damages rivers, groundwater basins, the air, birds, fish, and lots of other animals.
  • Because they are made of rayon, bamboo sheets are much more biodegradable than cotton sheets.

And that is why bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly more popular.  And they will continue to do so as our earth becomes more and more polluted – so do your part and buy green now!  Bamboo sheets are a great way to help the environment and sleep better.